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We live in an interconnected world and we are system engineers at heart. 


Products no longer stand alone; they all need to relate to something bigger.  The design of the whole product system is just as important as the detailed design of the parts.

Your new products are part of your business system and have to relate to your customers’ business systems and processes.  

None of us has all the skills or infrastructure needed in this interconnected world.  So, we bring in other partners we or you suggest to build a full supply chain to create, produce and support your new product.

We understand that creating a new product and taking it to market is a significant business risk. 

Our partnership with you works most effectively when we fully understand your short and long term business objectives and work with you to plan the product development exercise to match them. 

That allows us to suggest a development plan that addresses technical and business risks sooner and limits any financial downside.

Our in-house skills range from design of complex electronic circuitry with embedded processors and real time firmware, to a wide range of wireless communications technologies and design for reliability and longevity in difficult industrial environments. 


We can guide you through the full process of product development from proof of concept, to prototyping, field trials, transfer to manufacturing, formal product approvals and after sales support.

We also develop complex real time algorithms to extract meaningful information from custom designed sensors and micro electro mechanical systems (MEMS) devices.

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