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Atamo Analytics

Business Summary

Atamo Analytics is in the business of designing and manufacturing advanced mobile chemical analysis devices. Atamo’s first product is its Pyrethriod Sampling System (PSS) which it leases to clients and sells related consumables and services. Atamo has secured an initial supply contract with the Australian Federal Department of Agriculture, which is responsible for biosecurity.

The Department of Agriculture has procured PSS units and support services and has commenced pesticide dosage surveys, to be followed by additional units to conduct ongoing audits of international aircraft. Airlines are expected to start procuring units from June 2021 with subsequent strong growth in sales.

Customer Problem

Biosecurity regulators and airlines are currently unable to accurately measure airline compliance with the federal disinsection regulations and this increases the risk the spread of Zika Virus and Dengue Fever.

Current live bio-assay (captive insect) and wipe testing methods are manual, slow and expensive, and do not enable real time testing in order to ground aircraft if they are non-compliant. This presents a serious risk to the spread of deadly insect-borne diseases around the world.

Atamo Solution

Atamo’s PSS is a portable sampling and analysis device designed to measure the surface concentration of residual insecticide on aircraft surfaces. The unit is portable and can be operated by a single operator, who can take up to 20 samples during the 30-minute aircraft cleaning turnaround period.

The unit takes samples, analyses and reports results in real time. The unit is cloud-connected and transfers testing data in real time to a cloud data centre.

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