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Meet The Team

Peter Barrow

CEO –  Experienced in R&D, 

leadership, marketing, sales, commercials, strategic alliances, technology licensing, acquisition and divestments.

Mark Callaghan

Engineering Manager – The guy who oversees all aspects of our engineering work from our clients’ business objectives through to the detailed design

Robert Deacon

Product Development Manager – Not just a great electronic engineer and embedded software man.  He’s also our gun on product approvals and the regulations around that

Andrew Holmes

Engineering Systems Manager – Loves the jobs you hate.  He makes sure our systems are rigorous and thorough and that everything is thoroughly tested.  Pretty damn good system integrator too


Alex Benn

Senior Design Engineer –   Very good at detailed electronic design and embedded firmware and has a really good feel for electro-mechanical integration.  He works closely with industrial designers and with large scale manufacturers, including design of production test systems


Krish Nachimuthu

Design Engineer - Krish comes with a background in micro electronic design and has recently been working on control system software in an embedded Linux environment.


Ben Foo

Design Engineer . -  Another of our electronic engineering team with skills in both electronic design and embedded software.  His first project as Atamo developed his experience in a motor driver and control system

Matt Callaghan

Development Technician – Our man for prototype electronic assembly and our go to guy for 3D printing.  Matt’s also great for electro-mechanical system integration

Tim Deacon

Mechanical Design Engineer – Tim is both a hands on doer and a detailed designer.  He’s equally comfortable in front of the CAD or in the workshop creating a jig to test out a concept

Peter Bouvy

Electronic Design Engineer – Peter’s an electronic hardware design guy and has recently been working on integrating electronics with mechanical and optical systems

Stewart Snell (dec)

Stewart was our founding CEO and guided us up until late 2019 when he was diagnosed with Pancreatic cancer.  Sadly Stewart passed away on 30th October 2019. He will always hold a place in our hearts and minds.


Gerome de Gnome

Promotions Dude - One of the earliest members of the team.  He joined us to promote a swim training device and continues to wear goggles wherever he travels.

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